About Levingston

Who we are

Levingston is a leader in off-campus accommodation solutions for bursary/sponsored students. A 100% black-owned BB-BEEE Level 1 compliant company with over 4 years experience.

We have maintained our growth through fulfilling on our commitment to providing clean, safe and conducive accommodation at our 14 private properties currently accommodating not less than 360 students.


To be a leader in the provision of all student accommodation needs.


We strive to satisfy our customer's needs, to grow a solid brand within the student accommodation field and establish long term relations through our innovative and reliable services.


  • Integrity

    Be honest and consistent in all our actions.

  • Dedication

    To follow through on all that we say we will do.

  • Accountability

    Take responsibility for all our actions and inactions

  • Quality

    To not just 'Do' but do it best

  • Empowerment

    To acknowledge the society in which we operate in and develop a mutually beneficial relationship