Property Owners

Are you a property owner who is currently leasing to students or would like to convert your property to a student accommodation? Is your property situated at a less than 2killometres from a tertiary institution? Levingston Student Accommodation would like to partner with you! Here is how

1. Fill in our application form.
2. We send our dedicated team to view the property and compile as assessment.
3. Meet with you and discuss and conclude the lease.
- We pay the necessary fees in respect to the lease contract and pay as per option selected.


Guaranteed Property income. Our profile gives us the confidence of providing you with rental guarantee for the entire academic year.
We offer the best payment options tailored to suit your budget.
- Month to month
- Mid year once off
- Trimester payments

We offer optional services
- Maintenance
- Providing students facilities
- Security service (outsourced)
- Cleaning services (outsourced)

If you already have students at your property on a lease contract then we can refer students subscribed under our service RENT SECURE. This way you will still you won't have chase after students at the end of the month since you will be getting your MONTHLY payment directly from us.