What is Rent Secure?

A financial service that covers all rental and other private accommodation costs for bursary students pending the allocation of funds by their sponsor. These are mainly students who; Cant find or simply do not qualify for on campus accommodation

Who travel from home
Pay for monthly rentals from their own pockets.
Resort to squatting in an attempt to reduce the high rentals expenses

How does it work?

Step 1

We make available to the students all the private accommodation subcontracted by Levingston student accommodation.

Step 2

We engage in the necessary due dilegence processes and communicate with the sponsor. facilitate placement and all the necessary administration.

Step 3

We secure all payments related to the student's accommodation. i.e. Admin fee, security deposit, monthly rental.

How do bursary students benefit?

1. We cover monthly rental, initiation and administration costs for bursary students.

2. Students are provided with the necessary facilities:
Study table
Comfortable bed

3. Students are also linked with available properties in surrounding areas where they are studying.